Simlab hosts a Global Network of VR enabled Educators who want to create simulations for their students. In this network, you’ll be able to get the courses necessary for your lessons, create new lessons with our custom editor, and sell the courses that have been created to other Educators from around the world. We partner with accredited universities in educational institutions to allow for the best educational experiences that have the authority and pedagogy to create lessons. Our goal is to allow those who want to utilize virtual reality in their educational curriculum to be able to do so easily and effectively online. This enhances your distance learning capabilities while at the same time offering something new to your students that is more engaging. Use the contact us link below to learn how to get started.

Universities can utilize VR as a great way to effectively communicate key teaching concepts, as well as exhibit research findings, especially for people from different courses.

Use your virtual reality hub to:

  • Enhance Distance learning
  • Conduct Simulation Training
  • Engage a Global Community

See Lesson Examples Below

Want a guide on how to make your own VR Lab. Download our guidebook here.

Teleworking and distance learning: is this the big opportunity for virtual reality?

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