Using a virtual reality Cloud you will be able to create VR Simulation Training scenarios. In addition, not only will you be able to do it quickly but you can use your existing models. Our self-service platform lets you make simulation training online. However, if you don’t have your equipment or models, Simlab IT will provide all of the content and equipment you need. We service all industries; therefore, if you are in construction, healthcare, academia, or any other critical risk industry we can help. Lastly, you can use basic desktops to distribute mouse and keyboard-based lessons.

Virtual reality for the job, class, or medical industry of the future
VR online event simulation training

Simlab IT VR Cloud Preview

Below is a video preview of our online VR cloud that you can use to make your own content online. The fastest and easiest way to create, deploy, and collect data from your VR Simulation Training. All resource you will need is made available online.

Simulations can be costly and time-consuming to create when creating VR content from scratch. Simlab IT blends highly realistic simulations and real-world training content. In addition, we combine learning interventions that respond to trainee performance in real-time. Similarly, This approach enables just-in-time coaching, automatically and via instructor response, that aligns with each customer’s specific training.

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